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The 707 Hub

1102 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233

The Idea for the 707 Hub came from students Sam Wesley and Creighton Joyce who wanted to create a place to collaborate with students from different disciplines. To help achieve this, they applied for Marquette University's Explorer Challenge. The 707 Hub was designed by students for students. Read more of Sam and Creighton's story here


3D Tour

Reservable Spaces at the 707 Hub


The Conference Room

  • 8 people

  • Full A/V

  • Retractable walls

  • Business Model Canvas

Henke Terrace 3.jpg

The Henke Terrace 

  • Outdoor space

  • Lots of seating

  • Outdoor whiteboard

  • Very sunny


The Pitch Room

  • 75 people

  • Full A/V

  • Flexible seating

  • Stage 

Just a friendly reminder students can access the 707 Hub M-F from 8 am to 5 pm. Even though you reserved a room within the Hub, there may be students using the Makerspace and/or other areas of the Hub during your event. Also, March and April are the busiest time of the year for 707 Hub programming, so booking during this time may be tricky. Thanks!

The 707 Hub at Marquette University is Powered by the Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship & The Social Innovation Initiative and is under the umbrella of the Office of Research and Innovation. The deliberately flexible nature of the space is to encourage conversation and collaboration. The intentionally unfinished nature of the space serves to remind innovators and creators that ideas do not have to be perfect to be shared. And as all are welcome, the Hub itself contains a thoughtful mix of art, tech, crafting supplies and unique areas to enable creativity and ideation.


That's us!

That's us!

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