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The Dorm Fund

Launched in 2015, The Dorm Fund is a Marquette student-run venture capital firm that invests exclusively in undergraduate student-run companies and provides funding up to $2,500 to help accelerate new ventures. The investment team is comprised of student investors (associates) committed to supporting student entrepreneurs and startups at Marquette University.


Join the Investment Team


The Dorm Fund recruits new undergraduate students each fall to join their investment team. Members of the investment team will have an assigned role and will review applications to decide which businesses are funded. Roles include a graphic designer, content specialist, record keeper, finance specialist, and promotions specialist. Students interesting in joining the investment team should email a resume and a short description of their background

Process for Investment

All investments will require a minimum of two rounds:

  1.  The Business Model Canvas submission and meeting.

    1. Submit a Business Model Canvas to Patrick.

    2. Meet with The Dorm Fund members to discuss the plan, get feedback and a plan for the next round.

  2.  The Pitch to The Dorm Fund.

    1. Prepare and give a pitch presentation that highlights more details of the student-run venture.

As long as student-run ventures continue to show progress, they are able to meet with The Dorm Fund investors through unlimited rounds before the idea is funded.


  • Download the Business Model Canvas

  • Explore Business Model Canvas Resources - here is a good start: Strategyzer

  • Email Patrick if you'd like guidance on the Business Model Canvas

  • Research what makes a good pitch, here are two resources to get you started from the HBR and Stanford

  • You can also email Patrick if you have questions about your pitch


  • The Dorm Fund members will be able to invest up to $2,500 in a student-run business it chooses to back. The investments are considered a gift to the entrepreneur.

    • If it turns out that your company does not explode into the next million dollar business and instead fails, The Dorm Fund investors take a loss and the founders DO NOT need to repay the money.

    • If your company becomes a hit, the initial investment does not need to be paid back; however it is suggested that a donation be made to help support future students applying to The Dorm Fund.

  • Student-run companies can only receive one round of Dorm Fund investors’ dollars per company. If a student starts a new company but has received Dorm Fund investors' dollars in the past, only the new company is eligible for investment.


Requirements for Investment:

All items must be met or exceeded for The Dorm Fund associates to consider:

  • At least one (1) member of the founding team must be a current Marquette University student.


The Dorm Fund is backed by the Golden Angels Investors, the Office of Research and Innovation, the Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship and the Social Innovation Initiative.

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