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The Makerspace

The Makerspace is likely the most used area of the 707 Hub. It is complete with tools and equipment to turn an idea into a tangible prototype and beyond. We offer training on equipment AND are always on the look out to expand the space with further offerings. If you think we should add another tool, technology or device please let us know!  Hub Intern-Experts are available to train you on all equipment. See below for specific training requirements. 

While prototyping and supplies are free for students to use, if the products you are creating are for commercial use we do require that you use your own supplies/consumables once training is complete. The use of equipment will remain free.

3D Printers

​The 707 Hub is home to three 3D printers and a dedicated iMac for rendering and slicing. Interested in learn how to 3D print - let us know and we'll help you out!  

Screen Printing

New in summer 2024, the screen printing set up can be used to create custom apparel and T-Shrits! While we will have some and materials, extensive projects will require students to purchase their own consumables/screens.


Laser Engraver

Say hello to the Laser Pecker the Hub's new laser engraver! It's capable on engraving all sorts of materials via a free app and bluetooth control of device. Specific training is required to use the laser engraver.


The 707 Hub has a Cricut vinyl slicer and heat press and a iMac workstation loaded with the Cricut Design Space software. Interested in using or learning how to use the cricut, let us know!


Heat Press

New to the Hub are our heat press machines used for pressing heat transferable vinyl on to apparel. There are also add ons for transferring to plates, mugs and hats! Specific training is required to use the heat press.


The 707 Hub now has a functioning embroidery machine! Interested in using it or learning how, let us know and we'll help you out!



The 707 Hub has multiple sewing machines that are ready to use! Interested in learning or using, let us know!

3D Scanner

The 707 Hub recently acquired a Creality 3D scanner that lets you scan any object and upload it to any CAD software. Interested in learning or using, let us know!


Rapid Prototype Supplies

The 707 Hub has a large number of other materials and supplies for rapid and low-fidelity prototyping. All  consumables are free to use for students! If you want to suggest a new device, tool or material - let us know!

Various Tools

The 707 Hub has a variety of tools and materials to aid in ideation and creation. Looking for something

specific - ask us!

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